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Escape the lost Pyramid

Easy, suitable for beginners 
Embark on an adventure through the breathtaking pyramids of ancient Egypt in this challenging escape game. It's the year 1928, and an expedition led by explorer Sir Beldon Frye has vanished in the Sinai Peninsula. Rumors suggest the group was searching for the lost pyramid of Nebka... or something inside it. The expedition disappeared without a trace, but using their reconstructed DNA, players can experience their final moments. Discover what happened to them - and what they were searching for.

2 or 4 players | 75 min | €42/person

Huxley VR

Intermediate level

A futuristic escape room game that challenges players to work as a team to save the world! In a world where humans have been replaced by machines and nothing is as it seems, players must join forces with HUXLEY to prevent disaster. There's only 60 minutes - the clock is already ticking!

2 or 4 players | 75 min  | 42€/person

Save Notre-Dame

Easy, suitable for beginners

An immersive escape room game based on the fire at Notre-Dame and its extinguishment.

In April 2019, the historic Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris caught fire, and brave firefighters did everything they could to put out the blaze. The firefighting efforts lasted overnight, requiring special caution due to the risk of the church collapsing.

2 players | 75 min  | 42€/person

Dagger of Time

Difficult, suitable for experienced VR-players
A visually stunning experience that immerses you in a fast-paced adventure full of unexpected twists.
Players must escape from an ancient temple using the Dagger of Time, which bends time itself. Due to its challenging nature, this escape room is recommended for those who have already played previous escape rooms.

​2, 3 or 4 players | 75 min  | 42€/person

Medusa`s Gate

Intermediate level, suitable for more experienced VR-players

An exciting escape game set in the mythical landscapes of ancient Greece. Players must escape from a dark coastal cave within a given time limit. Success requires sharp wits and a keen sense of time.

2 or 4 players | 75 min  | 42€/person


Difficult, suitable for experienced VR-players only

Jumpers is a steampunk-style game packed with action.
Step into the shoes of mysterious agents from the Unravel Corporation, experts in unexplained phenomena. Jumpers is a puzzle/adventure-packed VR escape room featuring over 70 cooperative elements, 5 unique worlds, and an innovative death mechanism.

2, 3 or 4 players

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